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Avatropin Review

It’s no secret that levels of the coveted human growth hormone decrease over the years, making it more difficult for you get the body you want. Illegal HGH injections can solve that problem, but often come with undesirable side effects that put your health at risk.

Offering a middle ground are products like Avatropin, which propose to naturally increase the body’s production of HGH to help you attain rock solid muscle and higher energy levels.

Specifically, Avatropin manufacturers promise more lean muscle, greater metabolism, higher energy, quicker recovery, and healthier skin, hair, and nails with the use of their HGH med.

We don’t want to take any company at its word, though, so let’s go over the ingredients in Avatropin to see if they’ll really deliver, and then consider some pros and cons to the product.

Avatropin Review

Ingredients in Avatropin

Avatropin is said to have a formula of advanced ingredients that can safely and naturally increase HGH levels. The actual ingredient list is a complicated mixture of essential vitamins and minerals, whose amounts are disclosed, and a proprietary blend of herbs and amino acids, whose amounts are not given.

The entire list can be found on their product website, but for now we’ll go over what manufacturers consider to be the top players in the Avatropin formula.

L-DOPA is a chemical from an Indian vining plant that is used primarily for its appetite reducing effects. This makes it ideal for weight loss supplements, but is also beneficial in facilitating HGH production. Its effectiveness has been shown in one clinical study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology, which demonstrated statistically significant increases of HGH with the use of this chemical.

AstraGin itself doesn’t increase growth hormone production, but it does help the body better absorb the ingredients in Avatropin that do. It has been shown in some studies to facilitate absorption of amino acids by 62 percent and vitamins by 50 percent. As a bonus, it also increases energy levels by 18 percent.

Tonalin is derived from safflower and is used mainly to help people lose weight. Although the ability to burn fat and gain muscle simultaneously is under question, supporters of tonalin say it can do just that.

Forskohlin is an herbal extract that is said to kick start the metabolism and burn fat. Like tonalin, supporters say it can both trim your waistline and build up bigger muscles, which will help you gain the definition you want.

Fenugreek is a popular herbal ingredient in testosterone boosters. By upping the body’s levels of the male sex hormone, fenugreek increases both energy and libido. As a bonus, it also promotes healthier skin, combats arthritis, and corrects stomach pain.

Arginine is an aminio acid that is included in many bodybuilding supplements for its ability to trigger nitric oxide, or a molecule that expands blood vessels and allows for more nutrients to flow to the muscles. And, according to Syracuse University, men who consumed between five and nine grams of L-arginine daily saw a significant increase in growth hormone production.

Quercetin is a plant pigment that manufacturers say will increase the body’s power potential by 13 percent, as well as natural endurance. However, studies on rats have shown these effects are only temporary.

As far as essential vitamins and minerals, Avatropin contains Vitamins C, D3, B5, B6; biotin, magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium, and boron.

The Pros of Avatropin

All the ingredients in this product have been tested for safety and effectiveness. The formula does not use synthetic HGH, stimulants, or other harmful substances. It is also completely legal and will not cause you to test positively for steroids.

• Even the best HGH meds may not work for everyone, so the makers are offering a 90-day money-back guarantee. If Avatropin doesn’t work for you, send back one used and any unused bottles and you’ll get a refund. You must purchase it from the official retailer to get this guarantee, however.

• Avatropin comes highly recommended by customers. They love the results that come because it is an effective product, and they love that it is safe and all-natural. Most users say that they would recommend this product to others.

The Cons of Avatropin

• Each bottle of Avatropin only holds 15 servings, which is meant to be taken once a day, and costs $74.95, which is rather expensive. Youre essentially paying $75.00 for two weeks of supplementation.

• The ingredients in Avatropin come in a proprietary blend. We understand that manufacturers often use these blends to protect their formula, but it makes it difficult for us to see if the correct doses of each ingredient were used.

Purchasing Avatropin

As previously mentioned, Avatropin currently retails for $74.95 per bottle. However, you can save money by purchasing more than one bottle at once. For example, $129.95 will get you two bottles, and $179.9 5 will get you three bottles, along with one extra for free.

There are a variety of shipping options available, so you can choose to have it go through parcel post, or get it as soon as the next day with FedEx Overnight.

We’ve spoken with customer service for Avatropin, and they have been helpful and professional, so we’re confident you won’t have any problem here.

Our Opinion

Because it is one of the few HGH meds that can actually increase HGH levels, we highly recommend that you try Avatropin. It is effective, safe, and legal.

Although we cannot see the ingredient doses, we think the ones Avatropin uses are strong because it works for so many people. Chances are good that Avatropin will work for you too.

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