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    Buy Human Growth Hormone The Cost of HGH
    What Factors into the Cost of HGH?
    The Expensive Side of HGH
    The Cost of HGH Supplements

Buy Human Growth Hormone The Cost of HGH

People looking for more information about Human Growth Hormone (HGH) supplements will no doubt come across the issue of the high costs of treatment and supplementation.

This short article will hopefully clear up some of the confusion floating around regarding the true cost of HGH.


What Factors into the Cost of HGH?

The true cost of HGH isn’t written in stone. There are many variables that factor into the cost which can range from thousands of dollars a month to anywhere below $100.

  • Ingredients

  • Type of Supplement

  • Manufacturer

  • Place of Purchase

  • Shipping and Handling

Typically, those looking for human growth hormone being sold at a discount rate turn to the internet to make their purchase. While ideal for many, you should be wary of the products you are buying and only buy from reputable manufacturers.

The Expensive Side of HGH

The most expensive type of human growth hormone is the kind that is injectable. Why? Research has proven that injecting the hormone is the most effective way to reap its benefits. The effectiveness of the product is directly related to the cost of HGH.

Injectable human growth hormone is only legally available via prescription and must be injected in the doctor’s office under the watchful eye of a medical professional. Furthermore, the FDA closely regulates injectables, making them one of the safest methods of use.

On average, the cost of HGH (prescribed by a doctor) in injectable form can cost from $1000 to $3000 per month. Cost is usually figured on a month to month basis.

Injectables are most expensive because:

  • They are prescribed

  • Regulated by the FDA

  • Administered by qualified medical professionals

The Cost of HGH Supplements

Supplements are next in line when it comes to the cost of HGH. Supplements are taken orally in several ways.

  • Powders

  • Pills

  • Capsules

  • Tablets

Most supplements contain amino acids and vitamins. Typically, results are not seen until after a few weeks of use with a supplement.

Some Products are More Effective Than Others

Not all products are created the same. They all have their own effectiveness. The ingredients not only affect the cost of HGH, they affect their potency as well. Read labels carefully, these are provided for online products as well, so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Human growth hormone can contain pharmaceutical or herbal ingredients.

These types of supplements are cheaper than injectables because they are not prescribed and can be found on the internet and in health food/medicinal stores. The cost for supplements ranges on average from $35 to $100 for a months supply.

The Cost of HGH Oral Sprays

When it comes to cost, oral sprays are slightly less expensive than supplements. Oral sprays are not ingested. Instead they are absorbed through the mucosa in the mouth. Some manufacturers claim oral sprays work faster than other supplements on the market. So far, there is no proof that this is true.

On average, oral sprays range from $30 to $80 a month and are usually administered twice a day.

The Cost of HGH Releasers

HGH releasers are the cheapest form of human growth hormone available. These are the least expensive because they are thought to be the least effective.

In some cases, releasers are used with other types of supplements; such is the case of Humovox. It combines HGH releasing ingredients with additional herbs and botanicals to give you better results, and consequently, this ups its effectiveness considerably.

How to Reduce the Cost of HGH Products

Typically, you can save money when buying human growth hormone from an online vendor. Online vendors sell more of the product; therefore they can offer larger discount prices and incentives. Health food/medicinal stores have a smaller clientele and larger operating costs preventing them from offering discount prices.

If you’re looking for an affordable product online, try a vendor that supplies many HGH products. Typically, the more products a vendor sells, the bigger the discount they offer. When purchasing HGH online, watch out for shipping and handling costs as well as tax. Often times a vendor will offer you a product at a price you can’t resist, then get you with shipping and handling and tax.

Sometimes buying in bulk will help you save money. Purchase a three month supply at a time and look for vendors who offer a discount for large purchases.

Get the Most for Your Money

When evaluating the cost of HGH, there are three components to consider.

  • Effectiveness

  • Value

  • Guarantee

Look for customer testimonials and research the product and brand before making a purchase. Buying an ineffective product is a waste of money and you won’t get the results you are looking for. Consider the price you paid for the product. Then ask yourself, Is what you paid worth what you are getting from the product? This will tell you the value of the product.

Always read the product guarantee. Some vendors offer 100% money back guarantees which is a good sign that they believe in and back their products. There’s always a limit and some restrictions on guarantees. Keep those in mind.

Injecting human growth hormone

What to Choose


When it comes to the type of product, it usually comes down to cost and personal preference. Always consider the risks and potential side effects before taking any human growth hormone.

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