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    A Look Into Growth Hormone Therapy
    Supplemental Stimulation
    Oral Sprays
    Prescription Injections

A Look Into Growth Hormone Therapy

Whether it is extracted from the pituitary glands of human cadavers or produced through recombinant DNA technology, growth hormone has been the focus of social and ethical controversies for half a


But despite the controversy surrounding this popular hormone, HGH continues to be used in modern medicine, professional athletics and in competitive bodybuilding spheres for a number of different reasons. Its also becoming more common as a source of health for those looking to slow the aging process.

Today, growth hormone therapy can be completed in a number of different ways to increase the amount of HGH available in the body. The most popular sources of HGH therapy involve either injections, oral supplements or oral sprays. Each form of therapy has it purpose, benefits and side effects.

Its surprising to discover the symptoms of Growth Hormone Deficiency that lead people to look into a GH therapy. More and more people are realizing the benefits of growth hormone therapy as they understand the symptoms of low HGH levels and potential benefits of increasing HGH.

We look into each of the different growth hormone therapies to help you understand which therapy is the best way for you to increase growth hormone lean muscle mass, raise metabolism levels, decrease signs of aging and even boost your sexual health.

HGH stimulants

Supplemental Stimulation

A more popular form of increasing your levels growth hormone is through oral supplements that stimulate your body to produce and secrete more of its own HGH.

In the body, HGH is synthesized and released from the anterior pituitary gland throughout the day. This production is stimulated by a specific combination of amino acids and enzymes that fill the blood that surrounds the pituitary gland.

Supplements have been designed to provide the body with the specific components that are known to stimulate the production of growth hormone.

This takes out any risk of overdose symptoms that are associated with injections of HGH, and allows you to take advantage of your own human growth hormone rather than synthetic or cadaver versions.

However, supplements typically take longer, even a couple of weeks for some people, for the full impact of more human growth hormone to be felt.

Oral Sprays

Like supplements, there are sprays that are designed to stimulate the production and secretion of more human growth hormone by the pituitary gland.

However, rather than be absorbed through the digestive system, oral sprays are designed to be absorbed via the oral mucosa.

Though HGH sprays were initially designed to work faster than oral supplements, most consumers find that these sprays aren’t noticeably faster than supplements and don’t last nearly as long.

While supplements are designed to give you a sustained, elevated level of growth hormone, oral sprays are more for a quick HGH fix than anything else.

Prescription Injections

Injecting human growth hormone directly into your veins is only legal when done under the direct supervision of a licensed professional.

This is because the risk of overdose is too high, especially when you are using synthetic human growth hormone that is processed slightly different than your own growth hormone.

Prescription injections are usually only available to those who have a medical deficiency of HGH and need more in order to make sure that their bones and tissues grow to a healthy level.

Although most of the patients who receive prescription growth hormone therapy are children, some adults continue to receive daily injections of the hormone if their deficiency is severe enough.

Prescription injections are unsurprisingly very good at increasing your levels of HGH; however, these injections come at a great cost financially and are illegal without a prescription.

Hopefully knowing a little bit more about your options for growth hormone therapy will help you make a better decision to see which option will fit your individual needs.

Injecting human growth hormone