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HGH for Bodybuilding

by Matt Crenshaw · 9 comments

HGH for Bodybuilding
HGH has many uses but one of the most common uses is in bodybuilding and strength training. Products like Sytropin are common oral human growth supplements preferred by hardcore bodybuilders.

Human Growth Hormone that we know all too well as “HGH,” among other things, is without a doubt, a body building enhancement drug. Although HGH has countless legitimate uses in healthcare as a drug for people with growing disorders, many bodybuilders have taken advantage of its muscle building powers.

History of HGH and Bodybuilding

For years and years body builders have taken it upon themselves to illegally obtain dosages of HGH and enhance their physique.

There are many hgh supplements for muscle growth being sold on the internet, but sifting through the endless number of scams and garbage is extremely frustrating and definitely a huge waste of time–trust me. But it’s not surprising why a competitive body builder or athlete would want to ingest such a valuable hormone considering the massive potential for muscle growth.

Don’t worry — I won’t preach to you, but the benefits of using growth hormone are just as attractive as the consequences are unattractive.

If HGH is taken, body builders will enjoy factors such as an increase in metabolism, energy level and overall fat reduction.  An increase metabolism will help the body break down food faster and more efficiently combined with an increased level of energy will help the athlete progress more in the gym.  These two factors combined will burn twice as much fat and promote more lean muscle.  When you exercise, your muscles become sore and need to repair, HGH cuts this time virtually in half while stacking with the other benefits as well.

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Effects of Using HGH for Bodybuilding

HGH also strengthens joints, ligaments and expands protein synthesis abilities.  Expanding your protein synthesis will allow your body to absorb more than the average 40 grams of protein per meal rule of thumb.  At a glance, it’s hard to ponder why all athletes don’t take HGH.

Many people disagree with using HGH for bodybuilding due to moral and ethical reasons but one thing cannot be contested: The positive results from using HGH for bodybuilding are absolutely awesome!

The negative consequences can be quite disturbing though; heart disease, cancer and acne are just a few negative side effects to list.

Not only are the side effects deadly, but the HGH drug itself is illegal unless prescribed.  It’s safe to assume however that body builders are competitive people and are always looking for a way to get ahead.  Some may cheat and take the risk of using HGH if they feel that reaping the benefits outweighs the possible consequences.

Have you ever been to a gym and seen a huge monstrous man lifting hundreds of pounds with ease? This could very well be the results of using HGH.

In fact I once went to a gym where the top performer there who could bench press 500 pounds was on a high dosage of HGH daily.  He injected the HGH via syringe into his buttocks in the locker room.  If you are currently a competitive body builder, or looking to add on some size and strength to your physique, its best to consult a doctor about HGH!

Buying HGH or Other Steroids

When buying human growth hormone, you have two possible choices. 1) Buy Secratatropin HGH online where it’s legal (just make sure you buy from a reputable website such as or 2) Find a huge bodybuilder at your local Gold’s Gym and inquire about his stacks. Unless you live in a very nice area, people are unlikely to be taking cycles of legitimate HGH–which runs much more expensive than other steroids that are easier to get a hold of anyway.

But if a shady individual at your local gym approaches you claiming to have steroids or HGH he is trying to sell you, never accept this because it may very well be a harmful substance.  Scams like these occur every day its always important to research your product or order one directly through a manufacturer.  I am writing this article after 20 years of hard work put into the gym and lifting weights.  I have stayed in shape and gained size every year with the use of HGH.  I haven’t come across one negative aspect besides some minor acne which was easy to deal with using a topical solution.

In the future, if you ever consider using HGH for bodybuilding purposes (or as a serious addition to your diet), always remember the true benefits and results that you will inevitably endure.

Have a question? Ask us in a quick comment below and we’ll be glad to clear up any confusion you may have about human growth hormone.”

The primary purpose of this article was to inform you about the various uses of HGH for muscle building and muscular development, in relation to strength training, and hopefully it has succeeded in doing that.

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