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HGH for Weight Loss in Women

by Matt Crenshaw · 8 comments

Human Growth Hormone can be a very powerful substance but have you ever considered using HGH for weight loss reasons?

If you are a woman who is fed up with taking a look in the mirror and self loathing about your skinny high school days then you may want to hear this…

HGH for women is becoming more and more prevalent and it’s becoming more socially acceptable for women to take HGH as a weight loss supplement.

First, let’s talk a little bit about what HGH actually is…

HGH: What is Human Growth Hormone?

HGH is a naturally occurring hormone in the human body that peaks production during your teenagers years while you are maturing. It acts to repair tissue after exercise, boost metabolism and promote overall higher energy levels.

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The HGH Meds Mission:

We have created this resource to help you better understand the effects of HGH and the human growth hormone. This entire website is dedicated to studying HGH so be sure to bookmark us and use HGH Meds as your number one source for information regarding growth hormone supplements and studies.

Can HGH be used as a weight loss supplement?

HGH for Weight Loss in WomenSince human growth hormone is a naturally-occurring hormone found in the body, it also has it’s share of benefits when it comes to losing weight. An influx of HGH in the body can cause a total “reset” of metabolism rates–obviously a huge benefit for someone wanting to lose weight–and jumpstart the weight loss process without the need for any additional effort.

Why is this valuable towards weight loss? Weight loss can be a very challenging task, ranging from dieting which we all hate to hitting the gym five days a week. With our every day busy schedules, grabbing a quick fast food meal versus cooking a nutritional meal may be the only option available. Not to mention putting the kids to sleep and cleaning up around the house, who has time to exercise?

HGH for Weight Loss?

HGH can act to accelerate your minimal time spent exercising since it boosts tissue repair and gets those fat burners going. Even though HGH is not approved by the FDA as an actual weight loss supplement, I have personally seen a few of the neighborhood moms take HGH in a simple pill or powered form. Using HGH for weight loss is becoming more and more popular every day.

Several years ago, if an average person was asked what the purpose of HGH was, they would most likely say that “meat heads” use it to bulk up in the gym. However, in today’s busy world it’s more acceptable for a female to use HGH based on our constant pressure to look thin.

Results of using HGH for Weight Loss Purposes:

HGH may not drop you 50 pounds the first week you use it but the long term effects stretch much further than just a noticeable weight loss. Other positive effects include improved brain function and quality of your skin.

Studies have shown there are some possible negative side effects, however they are not anywhere as near prevalent as the immediate positive effects. The main positive effect that should be focused on is the weight loss, not only as we covered before that you will lose pure fat, but gain lean muscle mass as well. Have you ever seen those women with those tight arms and no flab?

“The power of HGH can dissolve fat, while at the same time promote that lean muscle mass.”

This sudden buzz of interest in HGH has recently stemmed from a “New England Journal of Medicine” that was published in 1990. You can read a full history of HGH if you would like more information on how it became popular. Since medical technology is always advancing and improving, it’s exciting to change with the times and explore new things. If you ever research the strong connection that using HGH for weight loss in women has, then please make sure to note that it’s important to not take too much of the supplement. When you begin to take too much on an over moderate basis, the negative side effects can set in.

Addiction and Human Growth Hormone

Fortunately, HGH is not an addictive substance and is actually prescribed to children and adults with growth hormone deficiencies here in the United States. Since HGH is naturally found in the body, you will not experience any addictive tendencies when taking a supplemental HGH for weight loss purposes.

Additional HGH for Weight Loss Studies and Data

Published HGH Research Studies relating to weight lossUnfortunately, there haven’t been very many official studies on the efficacy of using HGH for weight loss purposes so we don’t have much to cite, medically speaking.

However, unofficially speaking:

There have been thousands of women (and men) who have reported using growth hormone supplements to successfully lose weight and reset their metabolism.

More information about HGH

For more information on human growth hormone used as a weight loss supplement, you might be interested in reading about a supplement called Humovox that has been especially popular lately for whatever reason.  There have been reports of using the natural HGH for weight loss (in women). You can find our full review of the product on our website.

If you have any questions about this article or HGH in general, don’t hesitate to ask your question by leaving a comment using the form below. You can also email us if you would like to ask your question privately.

Thanks for reading this short article!

Until next time,
Matt Crenshaw, HGH Meds Chief Editor

P.S: If you’re a woman and questioning the use of such a supplement as a weight loss aid, consider this: Don’t think about any negative remarks you’ve heard about using growth hormone supplements like Humovox–Legitimate HGH is not a steroid and is naturally produced by our bodies. With medical science advancing every day, it is becoming more and more popular to hear about specific supplements being marketed primarily to womenwith the emphasis on using it for the weight loss benefits.

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