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    Humovox Review
    What are the Benefits Youre Supposed to Get From Humovox?
    Does Humovox Really Work?
    The Truth About Humovox

Humovox Review

Humovox is one of the most interesting HGH supplements available today. With an extensive formula and hundreds of customer reviews discussing the benefits, Humovox cant be ignored if youre looking to boost your HGH levels and see all the benefits that come with it.

From the effective HGH supplements we have reviewed, weve seen for ourselves you don’t have settle for average results at the gym or live with the effects of aging. Using a scientific formula, Humovox taps into the benefits of the human growth hormone or HGH.

But is this really going to help you get what youre looking for out of an HGH supplement? Lets take a closer look.

Humovox Review

Does Humovox Really Work?

Humovox is formulated with a number of ingredients recognized for their proven-ability to stimulate the pituitary gland including L-Dopa. L-Dopa alone helps to increase your body’s concentrations of dopamine. Higher levels of dopamine improve the release of HGH and maintain high levels of the hormone.

Arginine has been clinically proven to dramatically boost HGH levels because it helps to release hormone including HGH. That is the main reason it is used in Humovox, but Arginine is also used because it can improve blood flow and nutrient absorption.

One of the best anti-aging ingredients is Resveratrol and you can find it in Humovox. Besides reversing the effects of aging, this ingredient is a powerful antioxidant that fights toxins and free radicals.

Many people dont see benefits of many supplements, because, for whatever reason, the body fails to fully absorb and use whats in the supplement. If your body doesn’t absorb the key ingredients, it doesnt really matter whats in it. So its good to see the ingredient Astra-Gin in Humovox. This patented ingredient improves amino acid absorption by 64%, vitamins by 50%, and insulin sensitivity by 38%. Its nice to see that attention to detail in a supplement.

Another key part of the Humovox formula is Leucine, an amino acid found within the body. Leucine is essential for proper muscular tissue function, since it is the bodys only amino acid that can actually stimulate the synthesis of muscle protein, reduce the breakdown of muscle tissue, and boost your systems capacity for muscle building. Best of all, Leucine is completely safe for your body and wont cause any adverse reactions.

Glutamine peptides also play significant roles in Humovox, since they are considered to be one of the most effective triggers of HGH secretion in the body. This is because the body already naturally produces some glutamine to regulate its HGH levels, but since it doesnt create enough to affect your muscle tone or your weight, its important to increase your glutamine levels. In fact, when you increase your glutamine, it will multiply your HGH counts by four!

Humovox also relies heavily on its inclusion of CoQ10. This vitamin-like ingredient is actually found in every one of your bodys cells, providing them with the energy they need to replicate and maintain their good health. In Humovox, CoQ10 optimizes your cardiovascular health and boosts your energy and endurance!

An additional ingredient we found very impressive is Tonalin, which is a form of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is key to optimizing your body composition because it helps to burn away excess body fat and increase lean muscle mass, helping you get the body of your dreams.

The all-natural grape extract PowerGrape is another excellent part of the Humovox formula, since it is a powerful antioxidant. Specifically, PowerGrape contains three active compounds: polyphenols, flavanols, and monomers; together, these three compounds boost the health and function of your circulatory system, immune system, and metabolism.

Humovox also contains Coleus Forskohlii 95%, a standardized and all-natural extract from forskolin. This natural compound works with your system to boost your lean muscle mass and perfect your body composition by converting your fat cells into energy in a similar way to ephedrine. Unlike ephedrine, however, forskolin is completely safe.

Deer Antler Velvet extract is another ingredient that caught our attention. This extract contains high amounts of proteins, amino acids, cholines, and multiple nutrients that will improve your HGH levels, your immune system, and your overall physical performance.

Humovox further impressed us with its formulas inclusion of ALPHA GPC, which actually has the power to work with your brain to increase your synthesis and secretion of acetylcholine and in turn improves your neuron function. This optimizes the health of your brain and thus increases your HGH levels.

The essential nutrient Zinc also plays a huge role in the Humovox formula because of its ability to repair and re-grow your cells after intense workouts. Zinc will also help maintain proper reproductive, digestive, and neural function in your body.

Magnesium is another essential mineral in Humovox, and it works by keeping your cells, nerves, muscles, and bones in good health. Additionally, studies have shown that magnesium possesses powerful relaxation abilities that will ensure a healthy sleep cycle, which will in turn boost your HGH levels.

Humovox also contains Vitamin B6, an essential vitamin that will help you produce more antibodies, red blood cells, and neurotransmittersall of which will help enhance your mood while also increasing the potency and effect of the products other ingredients.

Clearly Humovox has an impressive list of ingredientsbut are they safe in addition to being efficient ?

The Truth About Humovox

All the ingredients that Humovox uses are known for being safe and effective. Many of them, including the ingredients mentioned above, have been clinically proven. They should increase and maintain HGH levels; and improve your health, strength, quality of life, etc…

One of the biggest reasons why we think Humovox works is because customer reviews say it does. You can find many reviews for this product online and most of them are positive.

Each bottle of Humovox has 28 servings of 3 capsules. You are supposed to take one serving a day with 6-16 ounces of water.

What are the Benefits Youre Supposed to Get From Humovox?

HGH is the force behind the growth of healthy new cells. As you get older, your levels of HGH diminish and so does your health and youthfulness.

On the Humovox official website, it says Humovox is designed to naturally increase and maintain levels of HGH in your body.

If Humovox lives up to the promises made online, you could realistically expect the following results: younger-looking skin, diminished wrinkles, stronger muscles, easier weight loss, higher sex drive, increased energy levels and improved sleep quality.

These are just some of the benefits that come from higher levels of HGH. If Humovox does increase HGH levels, it could produce all these benefits and more.


As a whole, HGH supplements can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 a month because they often do contain ingredients proven to help boost HGH levels.

If you purchase Humovox from the offical site, http://www.humovox.com/, the price is just $99.99 a bottle with some discounts when you order more than a single bottle. The official retailer also offers one-business day shipping and a 90 day money back guarantee, really the best reason to order Humovox from Humovox.com.

The great thing about a guarantee is that if Humovox doesn’t work for you, you won’t lose anything. You will only be able to get this guarantee on a few sites.

Our Thoughts

With Humovox, we think it is possible for you to reverse or reduce many signs of aging and really get

more out of your efforts to build muscle.

This leading HGH product has the best ingredients available and has shown to be very effective and safe.

It also comes highly recommended by customers; and if customers like it, we like it.

If you want the benefits that come from higher levels of HGH, we recommend that you use Humovox. You won’t be disappointed.

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