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Is HGH Legal? Understanding the Legality of HGH

by Matt Crenshaw · 2 comments

Is HGH legal — It’s one of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to the discussion of HGH.

Where do we begin? The short answer is no, HGH is ILLEGAL in the US.

When you hear the term HGH on ESPN or on TV, they are usually referring to the actual hormone injections that have been commonly abused in professional sports. This type of HGH is illegal in the United States unless it has been prescribed by a physician.

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How to Get Legal HGH

There is a loophole for obtaining legal HGH without a doctor. Scientists have created a supplement to increase your body’s natural growth hormone production, without actually containing any illegal ingredients. These legal HGH supplements are most commonly sold online where prices are significantly less than prescription medication.

Human Growth Hormone is not a steroid! This is a common misconception about the chemical. In fact, HGH is a natural hormone produced by your body (which is why it is so hard to detect on drug tests). Obviously there are several circumstances that factor into whether or not using HGH is illegal or not. For instance, as a professional athlete (or any athlete under contract prohibiting performance enhancing drugs), the use of Human Growth Hormone supplements is ILLEGAL.

When HGH therapy is prescribed by a doctor, the use of growth hormone is entirely legal.

Well, here’s our take on the situation: The legality of HGH can be confusing to some. Different opinions are scattered on the internet in large part due to blogs and forums. So what are you to believe?

Legally obtain HGH with a prescription from your doctor

"Is HGH Legal? How do I get HGH legally?" - These questions finally answered by an expert - Image: © LWA-Stephen Welstead/Corbis

The legality of Human Growth Hormone comes down to the type of human growth hormone and where it was purchased. Growth hormone is legal to buy in the United States if you have a prescription. Alternatively, there are many non-injectible supplements available for sale on the internet that are not currently outlawed in the United States.

The Legality of HGH by Prescription

Human growth hormone must be prescribed by a doctor. This is why injectable forms of human growth hormone must be administered by a medical professional. Never ever buy an injectable form of human growth hormone from a store whether online or in town or from the guy next to you on the treadmill at the gym.

Injectable HGH is only legal when prescribed by a licensed doctor and administered by a qualified medical professional.

Why is injectable human growth hormone legal? Human growth hormone is not considered a steroid or a controlled substance, therefore it is legal. However, finding the hormone and self administering it is illegal… Many bodybuilders and every day people have found out the legality of HGH the hard way.

The Legality of HGH in the United States

Is Human Growth Hormone Illegal?

We answer the most frequently asked question about HGH, Is HGH legal? - Image: © Hill Street Studios/Blend Images/Corbis

The use, distribution and purchase of human growth hormone are controversial subjects, especially among members of congress. Each state has the right to make their own laws involving human growth hormone.

Legality of HGH Federally: It is illegal to distribute or possess human growth hormone with the intent to distribute to humans in the United States. A valid prescription must be held in order to receive HGH legally and the hormone must be distributed by a licensed, legal source.

Those found in possession or in possession with intent to distribute without a valid prescription can face up to five years in prison. If human growth hormone is sold illegally to someone under the age of eighteen, then the offender can spend up to ten years behind bars.

Legality of HGH by State: Always check out your own state laws since each state has the right to make their own laws concerning this issue. For instance, in Colorado, using human growth hormone illegally is a misdemeanor but possessing it is a felony.

In Illinois, distributing human growth hormone illegally is a felony and in Maine, all prescription drugs are considered controlled substances. This is why it is important to consult laws by states especially when crossing any borders with HGH on hand.

The Legality of HGH Outside of the U.S.

If you purchase human growth hormone from a dealer outside of the United States, it is illegal. Different countries have different laws. Though human growth hormone may be legal for purchase without a prescription in the country you are making the purchase from, it is still illegal in the U.S.

Buying human growth hormone manufactured in another country is not always the safest route to go, even if it were legal. The United States has very strict rules and regulations which every laboratory must follow regarding procedure and cleanliness.

If you do purchase HGH from an illegal source outside of the United States it is considered a felony. Proclaiming you weren’t aware of the law will not save you from facing the consequences.

In some cases, a large fine and/or jail time is given to those who purchase human growth hormone illegally.

How to Obtain HGH Legally

The easy way to get ahold of growth hormone is to just buy legal supplements instead. The science behind some of the HGH supplements on the market today is incredible and many have claimed that they rival authentic HGH. Our favorite product at the moment is called Secratatropin HGH (our runner up is another product called Humovox). We did a full review of both products a few months ago and we highly recommend you read them before taking any kind of HGH supplements (especially if you plan on doing something illegal).

If you still insist on buying authentic HGH, read on. There are several steps that need to be taken to acquire a prescription for human growth hormone legally:

  • Check for Symptoms
  • Physical Examination
  • Diagnosis
  • Prescription
  • Follow Up

Symptoms: Human growth hormone deficiency is a serious medical condition and needs to be diagnosed and treated by your doctor. Symptoms for this deficiency are different in children and adults. If you are experiencing any symptoms or your child is, contact your doctor and set up an appointment for an examination.

Physical Examination: Your doctor will then conduct a physical examination and take some blood work. Your medical history and family history will also come into play. Write down your family history before hand and bring it with you if necessary.

Diagnosis: Your doctor will analyze your blood work and findings from your physical exam. If he or she concludes that you have a human growth hormone deficiency, a prescription will be written as your doctor sees fit.

Prescription: Your doctor will consider his analysis, your history, height, weight and age when prescribing HGH dosage and frequency in which it should be taken.

Follow Up: Typically, your doctor will want to see you every six or twelve months for a follow up. At this time you’ll receive another physical exam and more blood work. This will check to see how well your current treatment is working and whether or not any adjustments needs to be made.

Remember, truly legitimate HGH is only legal within the United States when you have a prescription!

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The primary purpose of this article was to inform you about the various uses of HGH for muscle building and muscular development, in relation to strength training, and hopefully it has succeeded in doing that.

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