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The Effects of HGH on Growing Teenagers

by Matt Crenshaw · 119 comments

Human Growth Hormone, also known as “HGH”, is a hormone produced naturally by our bodies. A gland in the human brain creates this hormone throughout our maturing process in order to help develop the growth of bones, muscles and cartilage.

Today’s medical science allows us to create the hormone synthetically. This hormone is often produced in a controlled lab and is administrated to the legally prescribed, it’s administered through a syringe and can be injected anywhere on the body.

The legally prescribed includes children who have growing disorders. However, the hormone can be distributed illegally and used in several manipulative ways. Typically, athletes will use the hormone to increase performance and perform past their past limits.

The biological effects of HGH on an aging teenager can be very dangerous, in fact deadly.

Side effects such as “Acromegaly” can develop due to an overdose in HGH. Acromegaly causes a person’s hands and or face to grow abnormally large. Other biological effects such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer can develop. Long term stunted growth can also occur which is the exact opposite of the desired purpose.

Since a teenager’s HGH levels are already in the process of expanding the body, a synthetic dose can be threatening towards the stunted growth factor. In today’s competitive society a teenager may turn to using HGH in order to get ahead of his peers. This pressure must be combated with campaigns promoting the dangers of HGH in order to spread proper warning. Instead, we see more and more athletes failing drug tests. The use of HGH has been banned by the International Olympic Committee, and all other major sports leagues. These bans aren’t strong enough statements in order to abolish the misuse of HGH within our adolescent society.

Since HGH is so difficult to detect during a drug test considering that it’s naturally produced by the body, there are no concrete statistics on its widespread use. There is one statistic provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, stating that “approximately 8 to 10 percent of high school students have experimented with or are using anabolic steroids.”

HGH can also have a negative impact on a teenager’s emotional state. Accelerated aggression is the most prevalent side effect known also as “roid rage”. The unnecessary aggression caused by HGH can cause problems at home and school.

I have personally witnessed a close friend who had a growing disorder undergo this aggression; however the HGH was very effective in bringing him up to par with muscle size and bone strength. Vanity effects can also be present during the course of the use of HGH. As if teenagers don’t already have enough acne, HGH can induce much more.

Although HGH poses many positive and negative effects on teenagers, it is perfectly safe to use if taken in moderation through HGH releasers such as Secratatropin HGH. Moderate use is attainable considering that HGH is not an addictive substance. You might also be interested in reading more about HGH side effects. If you have or know of a teenage son or daughter that is using HGH illegally, be sure to enlighten them with these listed effects.

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